Blind Abilities Logo. Taken from Apple Podcast app. A black background with grey circle and the letter B and A in bold white text. The horizontal of the A is an arrow.

Blind Abilities Podcast – Part 1

The first episode of my interview with the Blind Abilities Podcast is available!

This was an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad that Jeff approached me a few weeks ago. I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy doing the interview and talking about my experiences. Jeff is such a great interviewer and I chatted to him for a good 3 hours! Don’t worry he’s done a fantastic job of editing into three shorter episodes each covering the key topics we discussed.

This episode covers the Just Ask Don’t Grab campaign, how it started, what I’ve been up to, and why it’s so important to get this message out there.

Screen shot of iphone playing apple podcast. Podcast Blind Abilities. The logo is a large grey circle on a black background, with the letter B and letter A in white bold font. The horizontal line of the A is an arrow. The text reads 'Meet Dr. Amy Kavanagh'.

Download the first episode now! Find it on your usual podcast app, just search Blind Abilities. Or listen through your browser using this link

Learn more about the Just Ask Don’t Grab campaign here

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