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Blind Abilities Podcast – Part 2

The second part of my interview with Blind Abilities explores my journey of accepting the cane and applying for a guide dog.

One of the best things about doing this interview with Jeff at Blind Abilities was the opportunity to open up more honestly about some of the struggles that I’ve had and the process of accepting my visual impairment.

Jeff is an excellent interviewer and as you can tell in this episode really helped get my story out of me! It was quite an emotional conversation and it enabled me to reflect on the last 18 months.

Somewhat ironically the episode was released and a day later I found out that my guide dog wait will be a bit longer. Instead of the 8 months I had previously anticipated, it now looks like my guide dog will be more than a year away. This has been some difficult news to deal with, but I do absolutely understand it is for the right reasons. It is so important to be matched with the right dog or it won’t improve my mobility, independence or confidence. It’s a long wait, but it’s worth it for a life changer.

Check out the podcast and learn a bit more about the beginning of the Cane Adventures!

You can download Blind Abilities through your usual podcast app or listen using this link 

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