Amy is being filmed. She is standing talking and gesturing with her hands. She holds a white cane, and has dark sunglasses. A woman is filming her, viewed from behind, she wears headphones and holds the camera. The small image of Amy being filmed is visible on the camera.

Just Ask Don’t Grab Campaign

I launched this campaign on social media using the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab in May 2018.

The campaign was in response to my experiences of unhelpful grabbing on my daily commute. #JustAskDontGrab encourages people to offer assistance in a respectful, consensual and helpful way. By using my experiences, positive and negative, I demonstrate the impact of friendly assistance as well as the distress caused by unwanted touching. Many disabled people now use the hashtag to share their experiences too.

Want to offer assistance but not sure what to do? Check out my post on how to help!

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Enable Magazine

I discussed the campaign with Enable Magazine, this is a super helpful article to share with others as it contains all the key information and messages.  

Metro blog

This blog covers the basics of the campaign, what I experience and how you can make a difference.

Sky News Report

This report and the accompanying blog helped me really launch the campaign nationally. Featuring supporter of the campaign Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, as well as the personal perspective of blind advocate Amit Patel.


Sky News Blog 

A blog to accompany the sky news report.

RNIB Connect Conversation

A discussion with RNIB radio host Steven Scott and the East London Vision team about the campaign and issue. Featuring some useful perspectives from the East London Vision team.


BBC Radio 4 Interview on In Touch

I talked to Peter White on In Touch, a programme for visually impaired people on BBC Radio 4 about the Just Ask Don’t Grab campaign.

London Live report on Just Ask Don’t Grab Art Activism 

After being approached by Art Activist Dr D, we took the message to the streets! Using chalk stencil messages the hashtag was shared around London. This interview explains the campaign and the aim of the street art activism.

Blind Abilities Podcast

Part of a series of podcasts with Blind Abilities, I discussed the campaign, how it started and express my views about the impact being grabbed can have on well-being. Available on all podcast apps or through this link.

Article for CBC in collaboration with G Peters

Wheelchair handle spikes

A few disabled activists have used spiked handle covers to try to deter unwanted touching (the spikes aren’t sharp or dangerous). The following articles discussed the issue and referenced #JustAskDontGrab

Sam Renke Metro Article

The brilliant Sam Renke wrote in her Metro column about the #JustAskDontGrab campaign & the Private Places Public Spaces project

Grazia interview

I spoke to Grazia about #JustAskDontGrab, the Private Places Public Spaces Project and the impact of unwanted touching on me as a disabled woman.