A pavement, on it a chalk message which reads, want to help a disabled passenger? #JustAskDontGrab, a long white cane points towards the letter A

Just Ask Don’t Grab Research Project

Private Spaces, Public Places

In collaboration with Dr Hannah Mason-Bish a Criminologist at the University of Sussex this new project asks disabled women and non-binary people who have experienced non-consensual touching from strangers in public spaces to share their stories.

Read more about the inspiration for the project in my blog post here

If you are a disabled woman or disabled non-binary person and have experienced unwanted touching, intrusive behaviours or forced help share your story and read more about the project here https://privateplacespublicspaces.blog/

Huffington Post Article

As part of the project launch I wrote an article with Dr Mason Bish about the project and our motivation for researching this issue.

You can read it here

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

We spoke to Woman’s Hour about the project and Amy’s experiences of unwanted touching. You can listen to the programme here, the interview is in the first 12 minutes.


The Independent

Dr Hannah Mason Bisch wrote for The Independent about the project.


Grazia interview

I spoke to Grazia about #JustAskDontGrab, the Private Places Public Spaces Project and the impact of unwanted touching on me as a disabled woman.