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a man points a camera on a tripod at a man and a woman. They are sitting on a bench in a garden. The man holds a microphone, and the woman is speaking. She has purple hair, a blue dress and holds a white cane.

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I’m happy to talk about a range of subjects regarding disability policy, accessibility, living with visual impairment, transport, the built environment, disability & feminism and disability hate crime.

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Current Campaign – Just Ask Don’t Grab

Visit the campaign page to see my interviews, articles and videos about the #JustAskDontGrab campaign.


During the COVID-19 pandemic I opened The Staying Inn, a virtual pub connecting disabled & non disabled people in self-isolation. You can find media coverage of The Staying Inn here.

Accessibility & COVID-19 changes

I spoke to Teen Vogue about how COVID-19 has brought about significant changes to academia and the workplaces that disabled activists have been campaigning for.


Disability & the impact of COVID-19

As lockdown eases I have written and spoken about the impact on disabled people of social distancing and the ‘new normal’.

iNews – https://inews.co.uk/opinion/comment/visually-impaired-social-distancing-coronavirus-2854724

Huffington Post – https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/lockdown-shielding-disabled_uk_5ed4c466c5b639370b5cfc4b

BBC Woman’s Hour – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000jn90


ElectionCast – Accessible information about GE2019

I spoke to ElectionCast about the importance of manifestos being in accessible formats so that Disabled voters can make informed choices.


iNews – Accessible Voting GE2019

I wrote an article for iNews about my first experience of voting independently thanks to the use of accessible technology



Huffington Post – Disability, Identity & Language

Alongside other disabled activists I contributed to this article for The Huffington Post Life website. The article focuses on language and identity, exploring person versus identity first, as well as the words we use to describe disability.


The Independent – #ThingsDisabledPeopleKnow

An article including my tweets and reflections on the Things Disabled People Know hashtag in January 2019.


BBC & iNews – Visually Impaired people using phones

In January 2019 a cruel meme mocking a visually impaired woman using her phone went viral. Here are my reflections.

An article for the BBC alongside two other visually impaired women who love their phones


An online blog for iNews on misconceptions around visual impairment


Public Transport & the Built Environment

BBC Newsbeat – Tactile Paving

After seeing my twitter thread on tactile paving I produced a video & wrote an article with BBC News beat on the importance of tactile paving.



Transport for All Podcast – How We Got Here

I spoke to Katie Pennick from Transport For All as we enjoyed a journey through London.


Disability & Feminism

Private Spaces, Public Places

In collaboration with Dr Hannah Mason-Bish a Criminologist at the University of Sussex, I am part of an ongoing research project into the experiences disabled women and non-binary people have of unwanted touching, harassment and hate crimes. You can find more about the project on the website & I have written about my experiences in this blog post.


International Women’s Day 2020

I wrote for iNews about my experience of speaking out about sexual harassment and my experiences as a disabled woman.


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour – Unwanted touching & research project

I spoke to Woman’s Hour about my experiences of unwanted touching and the new project Dr Hannah Mason Bish and I have started which invites disabled women & non binary people to share their experiences of unwanted touching, forced help and sexual harassment.

The interview is in the first 12 minutes of the programme here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007bcd

Huffington Post – Disabled women & #MeToo

As part of the Private Spaces Public Places project I wrote an article for the huffington post about unwanted touching as experienced by disabled women.

Grazia – Disability & Our Streets Now

Following a collaboration with the Our Streets Now campaign I spoke to Grazia about the Private Spaces Public Places research project.


The Independent

Dr Hannah Mason Bisch wrote for The Independent about the project.


Women’s Institute Life Magazine

I was interviewed for the July 2019 edition of WI Life magazine. I talked about my experience as a visually impaired woman & Women’s Institute member, accepting my disability & the #JustAskDontGrab campaign.

WI Life is a print article but you can access the PDF linked here Step Forward – WI Life, July-Aug 2019

Accessibility & Environmentalism

BBC News – The upcoming consultation on e-scooters

I spoke to BBC News about my concerns regarding the consultation on e-scooters being made legal in the UK.


The Times – The impact of e-scooters

I spoke to The Times about my concerns regarding e-scooters.


ITV News – The impact of e-scootesr

I spoke to ITV news regarding my concerns about the impact of e-scooters on vulnerable people including disabled pedestrians.

Metro – Dockless Bikes & Viral Video

I spoke to Metro about a viral video showing the difficulty I experience when navigating around dockless bikes in London.


BBC London News – Dockless Bikes

I spoke to BBC London News about the impact dockless bikes have had on me as a visually impaired pedestrian.

Sky News – New EU legislation for silent electric vehicles

From July 2019 all new electric vehicles will be required to have a noise so that they can be heard by visually impaired and other pedestrians when driving at slow speeds. I talked to Sky News about how silent electric cars have affected me.

Life as a Visually Impaired Londoner

Evening Standard & Metro – commuters kicking my white cane

In July I shared a video on twitter of commuters knocking, kicking and tripping over my white cane. I talked to the Evening Standard about this experience and provided a quote for the Metro.

Blind Abilities Podcast

A series of podcast interviews with the Blind Abilities Podcast. Check out episode one which focuses on the Just Ask Don’t Grab Campaign. Listen on your usual podcast app or follow this link.